Amateur is a brand for many women.
We do not design for a specific type of woman.
We design taking reference to all the women around us. All are an inspiration.

Women with little makeup and a lot of attitude.
Eager to continue learning and reinventing themselves.
Women who listen, who decide and express without fear.
Those who laugh at themselves, because nothing is so important.
Women who never say no to a glass of wine.

Those who are not afraid to use fashion as a form of expression and follow trends in their own way. They do everything in their own way.

Our first collection was presented spring / summer 2018.
Paying attention to color mixtures, prints and the use of special and quality fabrics. Our shapes hug the body without squeezing it.
We like to look back and be inspired by vintage patterns giving them a fresh new touch.

We want to create timeless clothes with charm and a touch of fun. Make every woman who wears an Amateur garment feel special and remain herself.

Welcome If you have come this far, you are already part of the family.
You are already Amateur.

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